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The vibrations and the jitterbugging of this Amtrak rail car over uneven tracks make typing this blog something of a vhallenge…I mean, challenge. (See?) As a typist, I am only a notch or two above hunt-and-peck on the stablest of platforms. But, hey, what is life without a few challenges?

Once again, I find myself aboard Amtrak train number 90, barreling north along the “Palmetto” route from South Carolina to New Jersey. The first time was in January. (See “The Rails”) The nifty Amtrak website enabling me to follow our progress indicated a while back, heading out of Washington, DC,  we topped at 120 miles per hour. (Side note:  When, sitting in a rectangular box rushing headlong at 2 miles per minute, another train passes in the opposite direction going approximately the same speed a scant few feet away, it is…well…quite an experience. Think sonic boom, albeit at a sub-sub-sub sonic level.) The reason for this train ride has been referenced in my previous blogs. Nearly three months ago I wrote about the “The New Adventure” upon which my wife and I were embarking.  We were moving to another state. We have now moved. And…we are still moving.  More on that in a sec.

Have I mentioned challenges, yet? The website “Experience L!fe” (yup, that exclamation point is there on purpose) refers to a 2013 Gallup Poll, which says “nearly a quarter of the adult U.S. population moved during the previous five years.” Clearly we are not alone.  This is a nation of movers….(and, some would say, shakers.) We are also in the majority when it comes to the stress of moving. The website puts it this way, “Relocating  to a new city or town is stressful for anybody, even if the move represents a positive change. Largely this is because uprooting yourself from familiar places and people is never easy, and the challenges of adjusting to a new locale are many. ” Not to mention the details. You know, where the Devil lives.

I’m happy to report we have survived Phase I of this move. Our furniture and other belongings arrived at the right address on the promised date, mostly intact. The new house is comfy and inviting. Now for Phase II. Oh, yes, there is a Phase II. That’s the reason for this train ride.

My wife is a physician who, for the past couple of decades, has run a private practice in New Jersey. She is retiring from her medical career and timed the closing of her practice to the end of the current lease on her office. We closed on the purchase of our new home back in January. (Remember “The New Adventure?”) So, I have been living there since then while my wife, back in Jersey, went through the process of shutting her practice down, helping patients find new physicians, forwarding patient records when needed, boxing up other records, that sort of thing.

Phase II comes to conclusion this week when we will pack up the office, load desks, chairs, files and file cabinets into a rental truck and head back down to South Carolina. A 12 hour trip in a rental truck. As I said, what’s life without a few challenges?

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Author, Bass Player, Retired National Correspondent for ABC News - 32 years with the network - Retired in 2012. Narrates Audiobooks. Volunteer at Fort Sumter National Park. Holder of two university Honorary Doctorate Degrees, Distinguished Eagle Scout, former SCUBA diver.

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  1. You are such a wordsmith! One would almost think you were a professional! Hope this final step goes well for you and Marcia. Can’t wait to visit.

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