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After nearly a half century in broadcast journalism it was time for me to take a breath. So I did. In 2012, this Correspondent retired from ABC News having spent 32 years with the network, reporting stories around the world that today occupy whole chapters in history books. From the protests against apartheid in South Africa to the downfall of Soviet style communism to Desert Storm, the first war with Iraq, reporting the news was an exhilarating adventure. The changes in journalism – editorially and technically – from the time I began in local radio and television in the 1960’s to the beginning of the 21st Century have been breath-taking.

Now it is time for relaxing, reflecting and writing. I am excited about the publication of my new book, The General & The Lady: A True Story of Civil Love and War. You can read about it elsewhere on this website. Thank you for your interest. Jim.

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