About The Novel

The General & The Lady: A True Story of Civil Love and War

By J. Paul Hickey

Cover Artwork, “The Last Promise” by Dale Gallon http://www.gallon.com

In a country rent asunder by civil war, two people try to find love despite age and deeply held religious differences. This is a true story about US Civil War General John Fulton Reynolds, one of the most respected and admired Union officers in the war, and a beautiful woman sixteen years his junior,  Catherine Hewitt, whom everyone called Kate. Think Love Story meets Gone with the Wind. Their tragic relationship was one of the most closely secrets of the war. 

The characters, real Americans, are larger than life who truly faced overwhelming odds in one of the worst periods of this country’s history. From the streets of Philadelphia to the battlefields of the Civil War, this is a story that boils that epic event down to the personal lives of two people trying to find love in a time when other Americans were trying to destroy each other. 

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