Carolina in the Morning

“Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning.” Gus Kahn, Lyricist, 1922 Sitting in a rocking chair painted Charleston Green, making it appear almost black, I am at peace. I am on my front porch, realizing why this architectual feature is so fundamental here in the South. It makes me wonderContinue reading “Carolina in the Morning”

Nuance: It is as Plain as Black and White

“Diversity doesn’t mean black and white only.” Henry Louis Gates, Historian “Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas.” Ridley Scott, Filmmaker If the title of this blog seems contradictory, it was meant to be. It is clear that nuance seems to be largely MIA in our polarized society today. If you areContinue reading “Nuance: It is as Plain as Black and White”

Communication Overload

There is a famous line from the 1967 movie, Cool Hand Luke, which starred Paul Newman. The line is, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” What we’ve got in today’s world is not so much failure to communicate. What we’ve got is a superabudance in ways to communicate; a boundless magnitude of lightningContinue reading “Communication Overload”

The Covid War Within

There is a war raging within many of us. We are facing a formidable and, yes, invisible foe – the Coronavirus. Not only is this enemy redoubtable, it is cunning and crafty. To help us understand the virus, Scientific American Magazine’s July issue takes a crack at laying it all out with impressive illustrations andContinue reading “The Covid War Within”

Words Matter

In the stressed-out, overheated vortex we are experiencing, ideas, opinions, real pain, anguish and meanings are often “lost or misconstrued,” as Paul Simon sang. Incendiary rhetoric serves to inflame thought and decompose understanding. The father and founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn, put it thusly: “There is a truth and beauty in rhetoric, but it oftenerContinue reading “Words Matter”