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Naked Ambition

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Jack Hennessey is a highly decorated, retired San Francisco Police detective. In retirement, he meditates, maintains his martial arts talents and, with his wife, sometimes practices naturism. They are nudists. Despite his success as a cop, Jack is full of self-doubt, feeling guilt by the the relatively few crime victims he was unable to protect. So, when a close friend is swindled out of tens of millions of dollars and then is accused of a heinous crime aboard an ocean-liner, Jack goes on the offensive to clear his friend’s name. What he uncovers is shocking and heartbreaking. This is a story of high financial crime, unusual lifestyles, and deep friendships. From the sandy shores of a luxury clothing-optional resort to the cut-throat canyons of Wall Street, pressure builds to erupt in a violent murder on the high seas. Pull up a deck chair and settle in for a stormy ride.


Page turner!A friend recommended this book to me, and I couldn’t put it down. It was well-written and the characters were well developed. I felt attached to most of them and really felt disdain one of the main characters, as I imagine was the intent of the author. The author obviously has a talent for prose and that drew me in. I found the financial aspects realistic, the plot engaging and I even enjoyed a few chuckles along the way! Book Club Girl on

A good read. Interesting story woven around the retired cop Jack Hennessey. Keeps your attention. Steve on

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