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“Between the flashing brilliance of Hickey’s description of battle and the delicacy with which he treats the story of a forbidden love, The General & the Lady proves that Hickey is worthy to stand in the company of such masters of the modern Civil War novel as Michael and Jeff Shaara. The battle scenes, from Mexico to Virginia to Pennsylvania, are brought to vivid life as is the delicate dance of two gentle hearts in this gallant period. I would recommend this without qualm to any fan of military or historical fiction-the details are real and true while the heart’s gladness and terrible sorrow are enough to bring tears to the most ‘manly eyes.’ It’s a great book.”
-Terry Irving
4-time Emmy-Winning Journalist.
Bestselling Author of Courier and Warrior and Editor of On the Frontlines of the Television War.

Rick R. on Goodreads says, “This novel strikes a nice balance between the imagined interplay between the two lovers and the historical details of the momentous and fateful events that unfolded during their all too short time together. It is well written, and the historical detail is well researched. The book will appeal to both readers interested in secret (forbidden?) romances as well as those interested in the civil war. I highly recommend it!”

Bud B. says, “Being an avid reader and fascinated with American history, I was impressed with your research and detail combining fact with fiction. I can appreciate why you were compared to Jeff and Michael Shaara as so many unknown facts surfaced throughout the book.”

Bonnie E. on Amazon says “Totally captivated my attention. Loved the combination of fact and imagined fiction. Well written!” The General & The Lady: A True Story of Civil Love and War

Crof M. says, “I very much enjoyed learning more about the Civil war through this factual, but also, interesting, work of historical fiction. I recommend this book for civil war buffs as well as readers who are looking for a great story.”

Amazon Customer says, “A great read. A real life romance amid the Civil War. A general who might have led the Union army if he wan’t cut down. Light enough for a beach read but well research historical detail.

Roberta H. says, “Great read!”

Kathy H. says, “Great history lesson! Loved the relationship with sweetheart and family. I really enjoyed the book.”

“J. Paul Hickey’s The General and the Lady offers a powerful work of historical fiction that reminds us of the remarkable treasure trove of stories that live in the past. A master storyteller, Hickey delivers a veritable page-turner in The General and the Lady, an unforgettable novel that will leave you pondering the characters and their exploits long after you’ve finished this delightful book.”
-Kenneth Womack, author of I Am Lemonade Lucy

J. Paul (Jim) Hickey Interview about The General & The Lady with Steffan Tubbs on KNUS Radio – Denver

How wonderful! Loved hearing Jim describe the story and some of the research process to uncover the details AND loved hearing Stef conduct the interview. So lucky to have worked with both of these amazing colleagues! – Merrilee Cox, Adjunct Instructor, University of Maryland







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